WEYES has grown to be a very professional and stable company. The products we provide are always in excellent quality with competitive price.
Our Family

Shunwei YANG(4.png 拷贝Weiguo YANG

I used to serve in national PTFE company for 25 years, be very professional with PTFE purchasing, marketing and sales. I really thought I could work very stably until retirement, but out of everyone’s mind, the company collapsed suddenly, cause of the national’s policy adjustment. So I lost my job when approaching retirement age, it was so sad. Then I have to struggle for a better life to support my family. In the next years, I spent all my money and energy to develop my own career, based on the accumulated personal relationship and experience in PTFE industry. And after 14 years of development, now we established very stable relationship with customers and suppliers, also I have a much better life than before. So many thanks to my wife, definitely a soul-mate, always stands by my side. And about my hobby, it is fish breeding, I spend lot of time on the fishes after daily work.



Shunwei YANG(3)Shunwei YANG

I had planned to give all my life in IT industry in my early age. And I even went to Japan, worked as a professional software engineer. Until one day, my father talked with me deeply and I realized maybe I could do more to my family and for my life. I decided to join in this company in Y2008, then learned many PTFE knowledge and operation skills. Thanks to my parents for giving me a great career platform, and in the past 7 years, I paid a lot of effort to bring new ideas and lean improvement into our company. Y2013, I had a daughter, appreciate to my wife, who always encourage and support me. And my greatest interest is auto-car, I like to know everything related to cars.