WEYES has grown to be a very professional and stable company. The products we provide are always in excellent quality with competitive price.
About Us

WEYES came from very humble beginnings in a family basement in Jiashan, China, where the owners did everything from ordering materials and making sales calls, to product PTFE rods themselves. Since the company’s start in 2001, WEYES has grown into a very stable company, a bit famous in PTFE rods area, providing our customers with outstanding quality, service, and pricing.

From the family basement, around 200 square meters, the company moved to a warehouse and office facility in 2004, followed soon after with a move to a standard workshop around 1900 aquare meters in Jiashan, China. Today we have 18 empolyees with 300 ton PTFE materials per year.

Over the years, the WEYES family has expanded to include a team much larger than the owners alone. Thanks to the dedication and industry knowledge of Allied employees, the company has been able to enjoy unprecedented growth, with the very same owners at the helm. We are thankful for the growth we have seen, and never forget that WEYES is here because of you, our customers. So thank you, and here’s to many more years of working together!